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After years of living in your house in New Jersey the time has come to sell it and move on. Maybe you are deciding to move to a new town close by in New Jersey or make a move across the country to a warmer climate but as the sale progresses and ultimately closes you will need to plan for a move and have it performed in a time that is in accordance with the sales contract.

As you begin packing and getting ready for your move remember to keep the home in the best shape you can. When you are selling your residence the contract will stipulate that it is kept in a livable condition and if anything changes by the time the buyer performs a final walk thru they can, and generally do, ask for repairs to be made or monies to be given to take care of any damage that can occur when moving.

Many people, when moving, have a tendency to perform the move hastily. This will only cause headaches and can add to the risk of damages to your home and your belongings.

There will be a close of escrow date in the contract and when this occurs and the property has changed hands you must be out by that specified day.

You can most certainly plan in advance to move everything out by yourself and with the aid of family and friends but to insure the home is left in the best shape possible you might want to consult with a local New Jersey professional moving company.

These companies can set up a schedule that fits your move out of he old home and into your new one. If you require storage they can take care of that for you, as well.

The benefits of using professional local movers in a situation like this are many and will help you to steer clear of any accidents or problems.

One of the best aspects of using a New Jersey moving company is that they are insured and if anything does happen you can know that it will be covered and it will not cost you anything beyond what you are paying for moving. This not only benefits your home, but also your belongings.

When you are getting close to your move it is suggested by authorities that you don't "advertise" the move by throwing out many of your possessions or calling a garage sale a moving sale.

This allows for would be thieves to case the area and your home and if there is any time between you moving out and the new buyer moving in they will know that the place is empty. Also, be sure to not leave anything behind as that is bait for theft, as well.

Make sure to switch your phone, electricity and water to your new residence as anything left on will be used for free by the new occupants, as the bill will remain in your name and the hassle of proving you've moved out is not worth the trouble.

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